Our Company

Dropnostix is a startup in Potsdam founded by Lars Abraham and Michael Breitenstein in 2015.

While developing a longterm stable pH-sensor, they came across with a highly promising approach to display rumen health. The outcome are two patents for measuring rumen contractions and the development of a sensor.

The aim of our team is to combine animal health parameters in one sensor, to simplify animal control and thus making work easier for farmers.

Our Mission

  • Health management combined in one product
  • Improved animal health and welfare
  • Early stage disease detection to reduce treatment costs and use of medicines
  • Focused management and less animal losses


We are an emerging new company specializing in the development of a cow monitoring system that assists dairy producers in the efficient management of their herds. Ultimately, the improved health of the herd results in higher milk productivity and sustains a stable herd population. By using our system, dairy farmers can easily observe and continue to monitor animals’ condition. Diseases and production related events can be detected faster. Thus, allowing dairy farmers to take actions in a specified and timely manner.



High milk yields place a high demand on a cow’s health and fertility. In our stables, a new era has begun using advanced technology that works with cows more efficiently. Our monitoring system relies on a sensor, which is ingested by the cow and stays permanently in the animal’s rumen. The sensor continuously transmits essential data such as temperature, movement and digestive activity. Information that dairy farmers can use to evaluate their animals’ wellbeing. This means that herd managers as well as veterinarians are always informed on the health of their cows.

Timely information allows early detection, which leads to a faster response. This enables animals to return to good health, and stable milk yields more quickly. If a deviation in an animal’s normal vitals were to occur, the herd manager can be informed immediately. A simple adjustment such as its feed is more cost effective than expensive and prolonged veterinary treatments. Improved animal health increases the lifetime productivity of dairy cows.

By continuously recording temperature, our system also allows farmers to keep track of when their individual cows are ready for breeding. This can lead to more productive and cost-effective animal husbandry. Ultimately this will result in more successful calf birthing rates and higher milk yields for the farmer.