A sensor for healthier cows with an early stage detection of diseases and a more efficient herd management.

We are measuring body temperature, movement behaviour and digestive activity. With these parameters we can determine calving, heat and the general health status of the cow.

With our patented system we automatize your animal observation. Thus, we take care of your health check to offer you the possibility to take early measures.

Automatic heat detection
Reliable determination of the optimal insemination time promoting a higher fertility rate


Early detection of diseases
For the first time interaction of three different parameters for a cow-individual health monitoring


Calving prediction
Early notification for the preparation of calving


Rumen health monitoring
Feed control and an efficient ration composition


Measuring standing and lying behaviour
Individual evaluation of the activity patterns


Analysis of drinking patterns
Monitoring the quantity of water and the frequency of water uptake


10 % higher performance and healthier cows because of:

  • Minimization of compulsory culls
  • Reliable heat detection
  • Lower treatment costs and less use of antibiotics
  • Focused management
  • Improved animal welfare