06/18: Participation at InnoConvention (see German link „Landwirtschaft gestaltet Zukunft (mit)!“)

06/18: Participation at „Immersive Start-up Night“ (see German link), winning a 2-day leadership training sponsored by BEITRAINING (see German link)

04/18: Interview with Radio Nova (see German link "Drei Start-up-Gründer im DLF Nova-Pitch")

04/18: Participation at Digital Innovation Breakfast: The rise of AgTech (see German link)

04/18: Participation at Science4Life Technology Slam (see German link)

04/18: Participation at Pitch Startup Camp Berlin (see also Startup Camp Video)

03/18: Participation at Digital Farming Conference (see German link and Startup-Pitches Video)

02/18: Participation at the conference Bosch Connected World


11/17: Our working environment in Scholle51 near the train station Park-Sanssouci in Potsdam (see German link, minute 10:00 to 14:45)

11/17: Meeting of Agrar - Start up! in agriculture (German link)

10/17: Chosen to be one of the 100 most promising Startups - The Hundert 10 - Startups of Berlin

07/17: "Gardening 4.0: Who trains the gardeners of the future?" (German link)

06/17: Panel discussion at "agriculture and gardening 4.0 in education" (German link)

04/17: Data from the inside of the cow - Successful promoting example of the ILB bank (German link)


11/16: "Digital agriculture: When the cow writes an SMS" (German link)

07/16: "Sensor in the paunch: The cow becomes digital" (German link to Agrarheute)

"Now even cows are completely digitalized" (German link to Start-up Radar)

06/16: Early stage financing by the BFB Brandenburg Kapital GmbH (German links: Website der ILB, VC-Magazin, Focus)

06/16: Award winner of the 12th Thuringian Elevator Pitches (German link)

04/16: Public talk at Futurale - Film Festival Works 4.0 (German link)

03/16: German Startups Association: Foundation of the professional group AgTech (German link)


04/15: The best founder teams of Brandenburg - 1st place in the senior coaching competition (German link)